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The Create & Share committee leads the guild members in making quilts to give to various local organizations that need and welcome them. We focus our donations on children and adults in need such as hospitals and shelters.

A workshop during the July and August meetings produces many of these quilts. It's a time to perhaps teach a new techniques or pattern. But members contibute those done at home thoughout the year.


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Fabric can be your own or the guild’s.  Each month there will be guild fabric on the CREATE AND SHARE table for you to cut and use. You may bring your fabric in to share, but, please, take the leftovers home as  the guild has more than enough fabric at this point.


The Guild’s batting will be available at the meetings.


Quilts must be quilted, they may not be tied as tied quilts prsent a choking hazard. However, use of machine tacking with zig-zag or button stitch is acceptable making sure loose ends are cliped close..


Kids’ quilt sizes:
average      38" x 50" (The size we would like the MOST);

premie 36" x 42";

There are older children, so larger is OK too.


     Please bring the finished quilt in, not just a quilt top.  Make sure it has a guild quilt label
on it.  Labels are available on the Create and Share table. Sign in the collections book with the information required.